We’ve promised our vendors that their brands will not be searchable on our site. An Insider login is required to fulfill this commitment.
New sales start every 3 days at 12 PM Eastern Time, 9 AM Pacific Time, and last for 30 days. Additional 25% markdowns occur after 12, 9, 6 and 3 days or until sold out.
We announce new sales through our emails and on the Events Page on our website.
Of course you can. We think everyone should have a wardrobe of eyewear! But because we have assured our vendors that we will not knowingly sell to other stores, we have set some limits to online purchases. If you see a pop-up blocking your purchase, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-855-273-4270, or support@opticalunderground.com.
Because of very limited product availability of styles and colors from our vendors, home try-on isn’t practical and we do not offer it. See below.
Our virtual try-on tool is a highly accurate (and fun) way to see how frames will look on your face before purchasing. We use TrueScale technology to properly size our eyewear to your face. Follow the simple instructions, and you can be confident that what you see is what you’ll get. We post accurate photographs of each frame available for sale and describe each in detail. However, slight variations in color and pattern will exist for frames that have non-symmetrical patterns, such as tortoise shell colors. Also, where the actual size of a frame differs from the manufacturers’ printed sizing, we will provide the actual measurements in the description.
Each pair of eyewear includes a cleaning cloth and either the manufacturers supplied eyeglass case or an Optical Underground eyeglass case.
Other than for manufacturers’ defects or if we shipped you the wrong item, all timed event sales are final and cannot be returned. While we are a final-sale site, we want you to be delighted with what you order. Please know that if you ever receive an order that does not meet your expectations, we'll do our best to find a solution.
All of the optical (non-sunglass) frames that we sell can be fitted with prescription lenses. However, there may be some limitations where strong prescriptions or progressive lenses may not be recommended. In most cases we will identify any limitations in the Frame Description. Also, some sunglasses are not designed for prescription lenses, and again, that will be noted in the Description area. Please contact us at (855)273-4270 with any questions regarding suitability of any frame for a specific prescription.
At this time we do not sell lenses online but hope to soon. To have prescription lenses put in your frame, either go to your local optical store, or if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, come to our store at 280 Sutter Street. We have a full state-of-the-art lab on site and lens prices as great as our frames (single vision lenses starting at $49 and private label digital free-form progressive lenses at $139).
As is the case with our own store, any qualified optician can fill your prescription in any frame whether yours, theirs or ours. We will include specific instructions with any frame that has any special requirements.
We fully warrant any frame against manufacturing defects for one year from purchase. Please see our Warranty section for complete details.


We accept VISA, MC, AE, Discover and PayPal.
We do not accept insurance, but check with your health care provider regarding HSA AND FLEX account qualification. In many cases, our prices are so good that purchasing from us is less than your deductible plus add-ons mandated by insurance carriers.
Please contact customer service at 855-273-4270 from 9-5PST for assistance.
You will receive an email, usually within 5 minutes confirming your order.
It may take up to 14 business days from the time you place your order to receive it.
Login to your Insider Account. When your item is shipped, it will show the date and tracking information.
You may cancel your order within 24 hours after placing it.


We ship all orders using USPS with tracking to all 50 states.
No. We have flat rate shipping of $6.95 per order(Continental US), and $ _____ to Alaska and Hawaii.


For each friend you refer who makes a purchase, you will receive a $10 referral credit when their item is shipped to them.
Referral credits will be reflected in your Insider account information.
Referral Credits expire one year from the date of receipt.
At this time, we cannot transfer credits from your on-line account to use in our Store. We hope to have a store referral program soon!
Referral credits cannot be used to buy gift cards or to pay shipping, handling, taxes or any other applicable transaction costs. We may also specify certain products that are ineligible for payment using referral credits from time to time.


Our prices are already greatly discounted, but to encourage philanthropy and continue with our 3 generations of giving, we reduce the price of the frame to allow our customers to give back to any registered 501 (c)(3). This also allows you to claim any tax deduction that might be available to you, depending upon your own tax situation. If you do not elect to receive a $10 just give electronic card, that is ok too. No judgements. Just opportunity.


We don’t, but because of our prices, it’s almost always cheaper to buy directly from us and then submit our receipt to your insurance company. We have a complete in-house lab. You can use your FLEX dollars and HSA accounts to purchase eyeglasses from us.
Nope. We just do one thing, and we do it like nobody else. But we can point you to some of the best and best-priced eye docs in the neighborhood. No payola involved – we just know who does and doesn’t do good work, because we’ve filled tons of their prescriptions.
You bet. From Plain Jane to ultra-sophisto, we offer almost every lens material, design and treatment – all with liberated pricing. Single vision lenses start at $49, and our private label, digital progressive lenses start at $139.
We quote 7-10 day turnaround, but it’s usually much quicker, and since we make most of our glasses right her, you can count on tight quality control.
The brands change all the time, depending on the deals we find, and as you’ve probably already read, we can’t drop names, but as one of our Insiders you’ll get access to our “In Store Now” list as well emails for Insider-Only First Dib’s events and more.
Sometimes we can special order a frame you’ve seen elsewhere, but unless it’s been discontinued we probably can’t liberate the price.
Absolutely. If your frame looks sound, we can put lenses in with no extra charge over our regular lens prices, but we can’t take responsibility for breakage. We’re pros, not magicians. We do ask you to sign a frame waiver before we do so.
We can often find a new frame for old lenses, sometimes with a small re-cutting charge. We can’t take responsibility for lenses that don’t survive the makeover.
Actually all prescriptions expire after two years, and some doctors will only write them for on year. Conscience and code dictate that we only fill an unexpired prescription.
If you find one, we’ll uncatch it.